Birmingham Lions @ Bath Killer Bees

Birmingham Lions @ Bath Killer Bees

On Sunday 11th of February, the Birmingham Lions faced the Bath Killer Bees. As the only team that the Lions had not yet faced, they needed to avoid complacently and prevent this unknown turning into an unexpected loss. This danger was compounded by the fact that Bath needed the victory to stave off relegation for yet another year. However, it all came to naught for the Killer Bees, who could not find their sting and fell out of the top flight in a spectacular 42-0 loss.

Offensively, there was exceptional production despite extensive rotation, with five touchdowns from five different players. The rushing and passing games worked in tandem to achieve the victory, with two touchdowns through the air, as well as three on the ground. Special credit should go to first time scorers Harry Spicer and quarterback Finley Harris, who showed the depth and class of this young Lions unit.

Defensively, meanwhile, the Lions took their opportunity to comprehensively wrest the title of ‘Turnover U’ from the Hertfordshire Hurricanes. Despite poor conditions, the Lions D were clearly unfazed, catching a remarkable four interception: two from Chris Maddison, one from Darwud Newing and a beautiful pick-6 from line-backer Sam Taylor. In fact, in a ridiculous turn of events, the Lions forced more interceptions from the Bath quarterback than he had completions. Birmingham dominated on the ground also, forcing a further three fumbles, all of which they recovered.

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