Lions do their research

Lions do their research

Birmingham’s Lions were delighted to offer their assistance to the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science recently, and in particular, to ESRC-funded Ph.D. student and Doctoral Researcher Doris Matosic.

Aiding in the collation of data for research into how personality factors affect different ways in which coaches try to motivate their players (and how that might produce different outcomes in athletes’ participation), Lions’ team members, alongside Head Coach Jamie Kilby, were asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire covering experiences, feelings and perceptions relating to the coach-player experience and the motivation behind our sports’ experience.

The responses are designed to help Doris understand how to best create a positive sport experience for athletes and potentially develop workshops to educate coaches on how to facilitate more positive sport experiences for athletes moving forward.

“It was great to offer a little back” commented Outside Linebacker Jemma Nixon, “the University has been fantastic in its show of support for us, so it was the least we could do – Doris came down to training, made life easy for us to participate so hopefully, as a team, we’ve delivered some results that will actively contribute to her research.”

We look forward to hearing about the net results of Doris’ work in due course, but in the interim, all the best Doris with your research.

Pictured (l-r): Chloe Spalding, Doris Matosic and Jemma Nixon.

Birmingham Lions Women's American Football help with University Research Project