Lions dominate GB selection

Lions dominate GB selection

The British American Football Association (BAFA) have just announced that 16 Lions will make up the 45-woman playing Great Britain squad that will travel to Spain in August to take part in IFAF’s inaugural European Championships.

“It’s a great testament to the club and the Lions Programme that we’re able to represent so conspicuously” added Lions’ Head Coach and Great Britain Running Backs Coach Jamie Kilby. “The Lions players selected, as well as the ladies who trialled and just missed out, have been a credit to their club over the last few months and they should rightfully all be very proud of their efforts across the course of BAFA’s Diamond Series and the GB programme to date.”

Director of Lions Football, Wayne Hill also agrees: “the amount of players we had representing the Lions in the Great Britain game against Russia was phenomenal and I am so proud that not only are they representing but leading and making big plays at an international level, it is a testament to the quality of our coaches and the calibre of our athletes that we are able to contribute so convincingly. I am truly proud of everyone involved.”

Lining up alongside representatives from an array of other teams, the squad looks fresh and balanced and blends (relative) experience with some exciting new faces from across the country.

Your 2015 Great Britain European Championship squad is:

Jessica Anderson, WR, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Amanda Casey, LB, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Aimee Cottingham, DL, Birmingham Lions
Katie Davenport, DL, Birmingham Lions
Oli Davies, RB, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Steph De-Haven, RB, Birmingham Lions
Polly Drew, OL, Derby Braves
Laura Dye, OL, Chester Romans
Sophie Etheridge, WR, Birmingham Lions
Louise Fitzsimmons, OL, Manchester Titans
Sarah Glassborow, TE, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Jayne Goodliffe, LB, Free Agent
Michelle Gwynne, OL, Birmingham Lions
Courtney Harrison, RB, Leeds Carnegie
Laura Hill, OL, Solent Thrashers
Sian Kersse, RB, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Jo Kilby, QB, Birmingham Lions
Nena Killick, DB, Birmingham Lions
Afia Law, LB, Birmingham Lions
Monica Lewinska, DL, Derby Braves
Alex Lily, DL, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Joanne Mann, DB, Teesside Steelers
Rebecca Martin, DL, Teesside Steelers
Beverley Marwood, DB, Teesside Steelers
Ruth Matta, RB, Birmingham Lions
Laura Moore, LB, Birmingham Lions
Antoinette Morgan, RB, Birmingham Lions (pictured)
Lucy Mott, OL, London Warriors
Emily Parkinson, LB, Manchester Titans
Sian Perry, QB, Manchester Titans
Hannah Pye, WR, Birmingham Lions
Hana Rabuzin, WR, London Warriors
Danielle Raymont, DL, Derby Braves
Julia Robinson, DB, Solent Thrashers
Lindsey Robson, OL, Teesside Steelers
Vicci Rollinson, DL, Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Phoebe Schecter, LB, Birmingham Lions
Dawn Seymour, OL, Solent Thrashers
Alice-Mary Smith, LB, Birmingham Lions
Verity Snell, LB, Derby Braves
Chloe Spalding, DB, Birmingham Lions
Robyn-Jade Steward, TE, Leeds Carnegie
Lucille Stewart, DB, London Warriors
Nancy Stone, DB, Birmingham Lions
Collette Wong, DB, Derby Braves

We’ll bring you more news of the Lions’ Great Britain adventures in due course, but in the meantime congratulations go to everyone (and all teams) on their selections and future preparations.

Image courtesy of, and with thanks to, Luke Plastow and Plastow Photography.

Birmingham Lions' Fullback Antoinette Morgan