Birmingham Lions v Lancashire Wolverines: April 19th 2015

1st drive – Wolverines have possession. D pressure causes the QB to scramble. They do manage to move downfield but after several plays are forced to punt.
On the Lions 1st possession they move down field on the ground. On the 4th play of the drive QB #08 Dan Jones go to the air with a long pass to #02 Josh Lawrence who takes the ball into the endzone. The PAT was good by #22 Joe Griffith.
The next Wolverines possession moved them slowly downfield, the ball mainly in the hands of the QB as they ran the option play, with him running to outside. The defense worked hard but was breached when he managed to find a free receiver in the corner of the endzone. The PAT failed, batted down by #54 Louis Clarke.
The 2nd qtr. began with the Wolverines kicked being returned by #25 Samson Jones-Cross. Samson looked like he was going to take it all the way, a tackle bringing him down on the Wolverines 20 yard line.
The Lions quickly set up there second TD of the day, #5 Jake Winwood on the run from 3 yards out.
From the following kick-off the Lions recovered the ball. Two plays later, aided by some great blocking #82 Warren Davis runs the ball in from 15 yards out.
The next Wolverines drive ended quickly with #54 Louis Clarke forcing a fumble.
The Lions again moved the ball downfield on a Wolverine defense that worked hard; the Lions eventually punched the ball in, #3 James Jones-Cross from a few yards out. The 2pt conversion by #23 Mykel Nixon.
On the ensuing Wolverines drive they were forced to punt the ball away following sacks by #54 Louis Clarke & #18 Zach Green.
On the next drive the Lions struggled to move the ball and eventually ended up punting.
Wolverines scored on their next drive; a pass downfield moving them to the 6 yard line.
The QB again going on the option, but this time it worked as he dumped it off to #38, who just managed to get the ball over the line as he was tackled.
From the Lancashire kick-off #13 Ashley Bailey fumbled the catch, but then somehow managed to find the gaps to take the ball the full length of the field to score.
The half ended with the score Lancashire 12 Birmingham 33

The Wolverines kicked off the second half. The first play by the Lions led to a 65 yard run by #03 James Jones-Cross for a TD.
Lancashire looked to hit back but the Lions D kept up their relentless pressure.
The Lions Offense kept pushing for the next score which came from a screen pass to #03 James Jones-Cross; QB #13 Ashley Bailey running the ball in for the 2pt conversion.
The next Wolverines drive ended on a sack by #59 Adam Pai.
The next Lions scores came from option plays; the TD by #05 Jake Winwood & the 2pt conversion by #13 Ashley Bailey keeping the ball himself.
In the 4th Qtr. we saw another change at QB as #09 Rohan Sandhu came in. Rohan didn’t disappoint and quickly followed those before him scoring his 1st TD as a Lion.
The game ended whilst the Lancashire had possession but with no further score
The final score: Lancashire 12 Birmingham 59