Birmingham Lions v Leicester Falcons: April 26th 2015

Today’s game saw a buoyant Lions team face Leicester Falcons following a substantial win at Lancashire.
The Falcons kicked off, #21 Samson Jones-Cross (SJC) picked up the bobbling ball, avoided a few tackles to return the ball 70 yards for a touchdown. Following a failed PAT, #22 Joe Griffiths kicked the ball deep into Falcons territory to start the next drive. The defense quickly applied the pressure, only to find the Falcons QB to slippery, avoiding tackle and moving them downfield. Falcon came close to scoring, a tackle by #18 Zac Green stopping them on the 2yard line. The Falcons continued to knock on the door but the defense held firm on 4th down. On the Lions’ first drive of the game, QB # Dan Jones soon had them moving downfield; strong running by #03 James Jones-Cross (JJC) and grabs by #22 Joe Griffiths. A pass right down the middle connected with #23 Mykel Nixon who took the ball in for the Lions 2nd score of the game (0-12). The defense stood strong again, forcing the Falcons to punt the ball away. On the 2nd play of the drive tore through the defense, running the ball 45 yards for a TD. The PAT completed by #05 Jake Winwood for 2pts. (0-20).
The Lions defense continued to dominate the Falcons, sheer luck (some would say great skill!!) somehow allowing their QB to avoid the sack. Again they punted the ball. 3 plays later #23 Mykel Nixon pulled in the pass then went on a cross field run before heading the 55 yards into the Falcons’ endzone. The 2pt conversion completed by #08 Dan Jones. The first half ended without further score. Falcons 0: Lions 28

The second half benign with the Lions D back on the field; still dominating, an interception by SJC handing the ball back to Dan Jones. 3 plays later JJC was at it again, running the ball in for 6 from 25 yards out. Falcons 0: Lions 34.

Just a few plays later the Lions Offense had the ball again; this time thanks to an interception by #10 George Katoga. Unable to take advantage of the turnover, the Lions soon punted the ball away. The next Lions drive saw a change at QB with #13 Ashley Bailey taking over. Ash has his own style with mazy runs and big bombs. 2 drop passes before Ash took the ball into the endzone himself. He then somehow managed to complete the craziest 2pt conversion pass to Warren Davis. Falcons 0: Lions 42.
The Falcons got their only score of the game; the slipperiness of the QB final getting the close enough for him to find a pass into the endzone. The game ended without further score; the Lions moving to 2-0. Final Score Falcons 6: Lions 42