Peace’s Philosophy benefits Lions

Peace’s Philosophy benefits Lions

For the Lions’, “team building” isn’t just about recruiting new players it’s also about trying to improve the quality and stock of coaches that the team has access to. Enter stage left: Coach Jason Peace.

Having reached the Lions circuitously, via Manchester Titans Ladies and London Blitz’s Championship winning U19 side, this former Great Britain All-Star Defensive Back, is adding not just technical value, but an enthusiasm and spirit that befits both the team’s ethos and ambition. We caught up with Jay in respect to how he got into coaching and what it means to coach, inspire and be a part of the #Pride of 2017 and beyond, here’s what he had to say:

How did you get into coaching and what would you say is your coaching philosophy? 

Like most, it was an extension from my playing days, really. As in any sport, natural and passionate leaders emerge on teams and for a fair chunk of my time between the white lines, I was a de-facto coach on the field, taking cues from the good coaches and teammates I’d been fortunate enough to be around. After I’d finished playing (and having had some time away from the sport), I was asked to help coach the Blitz U-19s. It wasn’t always possible to coach all the time due to work, etc, but coaching the lads was a really good fit for me as they were so willing and eager to learn (usually!) – the opportunity to pass on both guidance and life lessons at the same time as coaching, and seeing the positive transformation in players, is what I find so hugely rewarding.

My philosophy is pretty simple: i) listen, ii) keep it light-hearted and enjoyable, and when on the field, iii) attack everything!

You’re located in Manchester right? What took you there from London?

That’s right yes, I headed there for family reasons in the main. Some years back my sister moved up here, got married, then started a family. It was always the case that we’d move to be near them as soon as was practical.

…that’s a long way to travel to coach the Lions?

It is but I absolutely love it. I cannot talk about the team highly enough. They’re amazing – such a wonderful bunch of the most talented, determined, hilarious, strong souls.

High praise indeed – how did the opportunity to get involved come about?

Through Head Coach Jamie. We started chatting at a game, I was no longer attached to the Titans and so he invited me for a trial. I have to thank him for the opportunity as to be a part of this team has been a great honour and privilege.

What are your aims and ambitions for your players for the season ahead?

To help develop the secondary to the very best of their ability. To give them everything I’ve got to advance, amplify and polish their performance levels to optimum levels, so they can succeed. To build their skill sets, techniques, fortitude and attitude to go out, flourish and achieve the very best outcome, all whilst encouraging them to be the best that they possibly can be, under all circumstances. In attaining this, you put players in the best position possible to achieve success.

…and what about you, what are your ambitions as a coach?

That’s easy…to continue to learn as much as possible, broaden, enrich and build upon my knowledge in order to impart what I know to the best of my abilities so that players can accomplish and fulfill team and personal goals. I also want to be able to support my fellow coaches, staff and the team as a whole as best I can. The icing on the cake would be for the team to allow as few pass plays as possible!

How are you enjoying working with the team and being a part of things at Birmingham?

The team’s a highly tuned cosmic magnet, attracting the best people you could ever wish to meet. It’s the perfect star incubator, genuinely developing, nurturing and advancing players into headlining luminaries! A team’s dynamic always flows from the top – and it’s pretty well known who the folks are who lead the team (and those many that also assist them) and every one of them is truly fabulous…no wonder the team does things the correct way and achieves such accolades, as such, I’m delighted to be involved and looking forward to getting into the season proper in a few weeks time when Sapphire starts.

Image with thanks © Céline Bisson. 


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