• PositionWide Receivers

Years on Staff: 3 years

Coaching Experience:
Birmingham Lions – Wide Receivers

Andrew has played Wide Receiver or Defensive Back for an array of university and senior league teams including University of Glasgow Tigers, University of Edinburgh Predators, Glasgow Tigers, Dundee Hurricanes, and Birmingham Bulls.
He then played for the University of Birmingham Lions for three seasons (2008/2009 to 2010/2011) during which time Andrew won two National Championships.

Since graduating from University of Birmingham (with a PhD in SportPsychology) he has been involved with the Lions coaching staff; first as a Graduate Assistant and later as a Wide Receiver coach. Andrew won his first National Championship as a coach in the 2012/2013 season. Andrew’s background in sport psychology created a passion for the mental aspects of performance. He is particularly interested in motivation, learning styles, team culture, the bi-directional relationship between emotions and performance, and player’s personal, professional, and sporting development. Andrew believes that applying his knowledge of sport psychology has a substantial impact on his coach-ing style and players’ performance and well-being.