• PositionStatistics & Analysis

Years on staff: 4 years

After 2 seasons with the Birmingham Bulls, Jonty was recruited to the University of Birmingham Lions by Head Coach Wayne Hill, to help collate and produce game statistics and analysis. Play-by-play details are captured on game day, and these are uploaded in Hudl where formal statistics can be generated in
report ready format.

Thanks to Coach Hill, Jonty was able to spend time over at Mississippi State University with their backroom staff, to see how they produced scout reports for the coaches, and see what other analytical reports were produced in order to helpcoaches focus in on important areas.

As well as the formal player/team statistics produced, Jonty also produces game/seasonal analysis on areas such as:

  • Offensive Goal Analysis
  • Down Analysis
  • Down Efficiency
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Red Zone Efficiency
  • Toxic Differential
  • Goal to Go Analysis
  • Play Name Analysis (Incorporating Sharpe Ratio)

The 2014/15 season will be the first season that Hudl ‘LiveGame Tagging’ will be used in the UK by the University of Birmingham Lions. This will dynamically update Hudl, and will be producing in-game live stats, player stats, and box score reports.

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