• PositionOffensive Co-ordinator

Years on Staff: 13 years

Coaching Experience:
Birmingham Lions – OC, OL, RB, WR, QB
GB Student Lions – OL
Southern All-Star Wildcats – RB
Birmingham Bulls – RB
Warwick Wolves – DC, WR, RB

Paul joined the Lions in the 2001-2002 season as running backs coach. In 2004 he took over the role as Offensive Coordinator and helped lead the Lions to their first National Championship directing a record setting attack that included League and Championship game MVP Jay Alexander, who gained over 2000 yards during the season.

During his tenure as OC Paul has coached every position on offense,in particular over the last 4 years focusing on OL development. He has constantly sought to expand his knowledge and that of Lions coaching staff, as well as sharing his experience by presenting on Offensive philosophy and OL technique at BAFCA conferences. He has visited and spent time with coaching staffs of Texas Tech (under Mike Leach), SMU, and Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks. Over the 10 years under Paul’s direction the offense has consistently been among the top 3 offenses in the league and produced 2 further league MVPs in Tristan Varney and Dan Conroy, as well as numerous players at GB level.

As well as keeping the Lions at the cutting edge of X&Os and technique Paul also helped the Lions develop the use of technology in coaching. A film junkie, Paul has helped the Lions be amongst the first University teams to film and review all games home and away and distribute film (via DVD) to coaching staff and players starting in 2004. Since then the team has transitioned to digital distribution of film and in 2010 the team pioneered the use of Hudl, becoming one of the first teams in the UK at any level to use what is now the standard film analysis tool in the US.