Pro-Cloud Trophy aids worthy cause

Pro-Cloud Trophy aids worthy cause

The inaugural Pro-Cloud Transatlantic Trophy is done. The New York Sharks were victorious and the Wolverines proved their mettle. The Lions have some work to do to close the gap on these practitioners but it was a fantastic experience for them and they will be a better football team for the occasion in due course, but beyond the football, the event also gave the home side the platform to raise awareness and funds for a charity close to their hearts, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Founded in 1862, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital offers the very best specialist care for sick children. Their latest appeal, the Critical Journeys Appeal, launched in 2017, aims at raising £2million to improve the service provided by four Critical Care Ambulances. As such, half the Lions’ tournament profits will be shared with the Hospital and will go towards providing the Critical Care Ambulances with the latest life-saving technology alongside improved training and support equipment.

However, for some of the Lions’ players, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital is more than just a charity. Offensive Lineman Maz Hughes, experienced first hand the Hospital’s services.

Maz’s son, Alec, was admitted to the hospital when he was only a few days old as he wasn’t feeding properly. What was a frightening experience and every parent’s nightmare fortunately had a happy ending. “I remember feeling so helpless as Alec lay there in his incubator” commented Maz. “He had to have enriched formula fed to him on a strict schedule to make sure he replaced fluids and gained weight safely.

“The staff at BCH were absolutely incredible. As a new parent, the fear of something being wrong is overwhelming at the best of times, and then to have your baby admitted to hospital so soon after going home felt shattering. But the nurses, doctors and all of the staff were so kind and supportive, and made sure to explain everything that was going on. Thankfully, Alec soon recovered and we were allowed to take him home.

“Although it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, we were lucky that the issues we experienced were relatively minor. Not all parents are so lucky. For any parent whose child needs hospital treatment, the quality of the staff and the facilities can make such a massive difference to the experience, so I’m so pleased my team and team-mates are fundraising for BCH.

“Today, Alec is 5 years old, exceptionally happy, big for his age and none the worse for wear. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff at BCH for everything they did for us.”

In order to celebrate the occasion the team was delighted that Alec assisted the Lions by performing the ceremonial coin toss for their game against the New York Sharks, he also ran out with the team ahead of the start of the game to kick off proceedings.

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Article collaboration with thanks to Céline Bisson.

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Maz & Alec Hughes