Ricor partnership to help Lions’ reach new heights

Ricor partnership to help Lions’ reach new heights

The Lions are thrilled to announce they have secured a new three-year sponsorship deal with Ricor Global Limited – a solutions-based manufacturing company with over 40 years’ experience delivering quality products to a host of industry leading organisations.

Headquartered in Studley, Warwickshire introductions were precipitated by Ricor employee (and Lions’ Defensive Lineman) Marianna Lacinova (via Adam Clougher (with thanks!)) before the team’s General Manager Jo Kilby and Sponsorship Officer Wiktoria Jorren made the acquaintance of Executive Chairman Dave Johanson in a very productive meeting last month.

“From the outset of our meeting,” offered Kilby, “it became apparent that the Johanson’s were not only passionate about investing in people but in also facilitating and supporting opportunities for groups like ours to develop and advance.”

Add to that the Johanson’s firm focus on safety and welfare alongside their healthy appreciation of the game – as fervent, stalwart Vikings’ fans – and it was clear that the Lions’ values and intent were reflected in Dave’s, Anne’s and Ricor’s to create the ideal partnership.

“The commitment that Ricor, and two of its principals, in Dave and Anne, have made to the team will undeniably create a lasting Lions’ legacy, far beyond the actual three-year deal secured” offered Kilby. “We had some grand plans for 2020 which we could only really talk around until now, but thanks to Ricor and the Johanson’s extremely generous contribution, we can push on with plans to make ambitious dreams, ultimately, a reality.”

In support of the partnership Dave offered: “Ricor Global Limited are thrilled to team up with the Birmingham Lions’ Women’s American Football Team. We love the commitment that the team has to professionalism, providing growth opportunities to women on a national and international stage, and in their courtesy and respect for all on their journey. May we wish the team good fortune in Sweden. SKOL!”

The team will proudly sport the Ricor logo on the front of helmets and rear of game jerseys for the remainder of the 2019 campaign, through to March 2022.

More images and news to follow in due course.

For more information on Ricor Global Limited please visit www.ricor.co.uk.