Schecter’s opps blaze a trail

Schecter’s opps blaze a trail

The most famous face in British women’s football, Phoebe Schecter, is back in the UK after a sojourn in the States over the summer which started with an internship with the Buffalo Bills before finishing with even more coach development opportunities stuffed under the proverbial jersey, courtesy of Bryant University. We grabbed a quick chat with #Shredder to find out where she’s been and what’s she been up to for the last few months leading up to the end of 2017.

So Pheebs we know you started out in Buffalo but where did you end up after that and in what capacity?

Hey guys! Yeah so I’ve been over in the States, in Rhode Island, interning with Bryant University’s Football programme under Head Coach James Perry.

I was working with the QBs and part of my role was quite analytics-based so that’s given me a much greater appreciation of the importance of film and self-analysis to take forward with me.

How did such an opportunity come about?

Literally I was on the plane home from Buffalo when I received an e-mail outlining the opportunity. I am so fortunate to have such incredible mentors in my life, such as Sam Rapoport [NFL Director of Football Development], who gave me the initial lead, whilst one of the coaches at the Bills, who coached at Princeton where Coach Perry was previously at, also leveraged some goodwill.

What were your observations of the difference between being a coach in the US versus one in the UK?

Well the biggest and most obvious difference is the full time nature of the beast yet saying that, and having full days committed to this role, I always felt like there was never enough time to get everything done. In season coaching is a 7 day a week job, which I personally loved but we got 20 hours a week with the players, which included their gym workouts, practice and classroom. That time gets eaten up so quickly!

On the field the biggest difference I found between the countries, and granted this is a generalization, was the tempo in practice, based on time management and efficiency, it was much better managed in the US. Interestingly the players are the same at every level, the US guys may have more experience having played from a young age but they make mental errors, some are more athletic than others, some give more effort, but the universal love of football is plain for all to see.

It was a busy summer for you what with the Tackle World Championships and Flag Europeans too, were you starting to feel it as 2017 started to come to a close?

I loved the full on nature of this summer! I feel so lucky to have been able to access such unbelievable opportunities! I loved working with the Bills, whilst coaching at Bryant was like being involved with one giant family add to that the experience of the World’s with contact and European’s with flag, and I’ve memories that will last me a lifetime.

You get back to the UK in early December, what’s next for you?

I land back home on December 6th, which I am truthfully excited for. I think I have been home for a total of 2 ½ weeks since June! From there I’m hoping to get more involved with the NFL Play 60 programmes, plus I have a few trips around the UK to teams to make – trying to share my newly acquired knowledge….that way we can all get better together, and after that I can’t wait to get padded up again with my Lion’s and join up with the Season 5 journey! Longer term there’s also the preparations for the next tackle European Championships – time is flying by already!

So overall I am not too worried about being bored, that’s for sure!

To see a great item, direct from the Bills on Phoebe’s time with their programme click here.

Image © Buffalo Bills.

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