UCB supports historic Lions event

UCB supports historic Lions event

The Lions were delighted to welcome students from University College Birmingham’s Sports Therapy department, in support of the team’s debut Pro-Cloud Transatlantic Trophy, which took place at the University of Birmingham across the weekend of Friday 31st August through to, and including, Sunday 2nd September.

Zoe Littlewood, Sabriya Hussain, Natasha Smith, Karl Rawlings and Shakwan Abdullah all assisted Lions’ Lead Therapists, Pups Kaur and Jinda Ghuman from Versatile Therapists – alongside Kerensa Scott from Kerensa Scott Sports and Movement Therapy and Brian Borrows from Re-Activate – in aiding the visiting New York Sharks and Helsinki Wolverines, who were unable to bring trainers and medical support along with them.

“We were conscious that the Sharks and Wolverines didn’t have any medical provision with them so we approached UCB – who had helped us prior when we headed to Finland for the Diamond Bowl – to see if we could create a win:win situation for all concerned” offered General Manager, Jo Kilby, “…as ever the team at UCB were extremely accommodating, and saw the opportunities for their charges as clearly as we did.”

David Conway, Employability Tutor (SPort) at UCB affirmed the stand-point.

“University College Birmingham Sports Therapy students are always keen to use skills developed on their course within a range of sports and exercise related environments.  Thanks to the Birmingham Lions our students were given the opportunity to practice Sports Therapy on international athletes and gain experience in American Football – not always a sport available to them through universities. We look forward  to working with the Lions in future and continuing to grow our mutual beneficial relationship.”

“The medical teams at the tournament were exceptional” commented Dana Sparling, CFO for the New York Sharks. “The trainers and emergency staff were knowledgeable, experienced and kind – they tended to and cared for our injured players beautifully. I was extremely impressed with the overall care and medical attention they provided.”

The students too enjoyed their experience: “Helping out at the Pro-Cloud tournament was amazing”, offered Littlewood. “I learnt how to better cope with the stresses of a demanding sport and to work as a whole with the rest of the multi-disciplinary team. The event really helped to push me out my comfort zone and taught me more much about taping and how to communicate with the athletes.”

The team of five who covered 3 games across 3 days were a fantastic addition to the tournament and a credit to UCB, they impressed their patrons with displays of diligence and dedication and were punctual and professional at all times. May we thank them for their time and extend a warm welcome back anytime!

Pictured (l-r) Zoe Littlewood with Natasha Smith. Photo © Bellpig Photography.

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