Law smashes it both home and away

Law smashes it both home and away

It’s been a tidal wave of activity for a number of Lions’ players this summer, with their Great Britain sojourn to Canada for the 3rd IFAF World Championships taking up much of their attention, however as most players were returning from Vancouver, tired and bruised on Sunday 2nd July, one was readying themselves for an onward trip, to Finland, without pause, to participate in the remainder of the Finnish domestic season!

That Lion was Afia Law and we caught up with her following her return (earlier this month) to see how the opportunity came about and what she learned from it.

You headed to central Finland, to Division 1 side Jyväskylä Jaguars – why?

Simply put, it was a great opportunity to continue playing football over the summer, playing 11 aside regularly in order to gain more experience. I saw the Jaguars advertising for import players on Facebook so got in touch with them. Visiting and living in another country for a while was also too good an adventure to ignore.

What were your expectations ahead of arriving? 

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, but I knew I wanted to work on improving my game as a result of playing more 11 aside football. I also expected playing out there to be tough as I knew I’d be playing both offense and defense which, whilst quite common in Finland, I’m not actually used to in England.

How did you find your Jaguar team-mates? You were also out there with fellow Brit (from Leed Chargers) Gaby Knops too, how was that?

The Jaguars were really cool! They helped me out a lot in getting used to the playbook and scheme and took us out in Jgvaskyla a few times, arranged for us to go paddle-boarding, helped get us oriented that sort of thing. A really nice friendly bunch for sure.

Yeah, it was great to come from the World Championships with Gaby and continue playing alongside her in Finland. We literally lived and breathed football whilst out there – football, gym, football, gym – but it was awesome.

They sound too nice, you’re telling us you didn’t get any ribbing after turning over their National side a week earlier?

Ha, ha, no, not at all, all the players and coaches were really friendly.

What did you learn from your time there?

What did I learn? Well I definitely developed more of an appreciation for the offense (after playing quite a bit of Fullback); I learned that the Finns love their football and the Jaguars are ballers.

It was also amazing to be able to spend the whole time I was out there purely focusing on football and training, which made a real difference to my performances.

You’re home, what’s next?

The Lions have given their GB returners some extra time off so a after a couple of weeks rest I’m excited to be back training with my Lions again and I can’t wait for the season ahead.

Any plans to go back once the Lions’ season has finished?

It would be great to go back and play again at some point, its defiantly a consideration for the future. I’d also definitely recommend the experience to any player if the opportunity arose.

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Afia Law