Lions 1st Class Against Jets

Lions 1st Class Against Jets

This game saw the return match of the close game that took place at Metchley a few weeks ago; expectations were of another close game that could go either way.
Lions defence took the field to start the game. On the 1st play of the Jets drive, a fumbled ball was recovered by the Lions’ defence.

The Lions’ offence took to the field and looked to establish a run game, but the ball is fumbled and handed back to the Jets. The Jets go the air. On the 3rd play of the drive, a huge hit by #51 Sam Taylor forced a fumble, which he gathered up and took into the end-zone. The 2 point conversion completed by #14 Josh Lawrence.

The Jets next drive led to a sack by #44 Callum Sayce before they punted the ball.
On the 1st play of the Lion’s next drive QB #2 Callum Davidson zipped a 10 yard pass to #14 Lawrence who sprinted away from the Jet’s Defence to increase the score. The 2 point conversion taken in by #23 Mykel Nixon.

The Jets take the ball and are pushed back by the defence from the start. Sacks follow by #96 Jordan Morris and #50 Ieuan Davis and another big hit on the ball carrier in the back field by #51 Taylor.

The Jets punt the ball away, but manage to recover the ball and take it in for a touchdown, followed by the 2 point conversion.
The kick off was returned for good yardage by #13 Declan Evans, followed by a 30 yard run by #3 James Jones-Cross. 2 plays later QB Davidson found #13 Evans with a pass which he ran in from short distance.

The Lions’ defence was now back on the field. Good pressure up front almost gave #51 Taylor the chance to pick off the QB. The defence held strong causing the Jets to punt.
The next drive started with a 15 yard run by #17 Warren Davis. On the next play a pass finds #14 Lawrence who cuts inside and is stopped short of the goal-line. QB Davidson finds #17 Davis on the next play who scores his first Lions Touchdown. The 2 point conversion by QB on the run.
The Jets took the ball downfield on a long return, only to have it called back for an illegal block. #54 Louis Clarke, eager to make the play then jumps offside. He makes up for this on the next play when following great pressure by #95 Harry Collini (who almost gets the sack), the Jets QB throws the ball away straight to #54 Clarke who keeps hold of it as he is wrestled to the ground. The Jets then intercept the deep pass by the Lions QB to get the ball back. Even with good pressure the Jets QB still manages to get a 15yard run on the play, only to follow that with an interception by #43 Yacqub Farah, who then carries the ball 20 yards before being tackled. The Lions then march downfield, the drive finished off by #2 Davidson running the ball into the corner (aided by a big block by #14 Lawrence).

Another strong show by the defence sees the Jets punt the ball away again. This drive concludes with another mazy run by #2 Davidson which sees him go left, then cut back to the almost the full width of the field (some major blocking all over the field). The 2 point conversion failed. This was followed by another strong series from the defence, #44 Callum Sayce so close to a sack.

The half came to a close without further score. Half time score Jets 8 : Lions 42

Lions start the 2nd half with the ball; #3 James Jones-Cross goes on a 45 yard run, worthy of a touchdown which he completes on the next play.

The defence then also continue to dominate when they are on the field forcing the Jets to punt again. #13 Evans returns the punt to within 5yards of the Jets end-zone. A penalty against the Lions follows, which pushes them back 15 yards. A pass finds #23 Nixon who spins one way then another before taking the ball in for 6pts.

On the 1st play of the Jets next drive, the defence again came with huge pressure. A big tackle by #97 Matt Cutler causing the runner to spill the ball which was recovered by #54 Clarke.
QB #2 Davidson runs left, then cuts back right. Great blocking in front of him allows him to score again.

When the Jets’ offence takes to the field, the Lions pressure again forces them to punt. The Qtr ended with no further score. The game was now coming to close quickly as the officials had allowed the game to go to a running clock.

The 3rd Qtr began with a rare occurrence – the Lions offence punting the ball away. The defence come up with another sack this time by #90 Jake Winwood. The good work was then undone when they allow a deep pass, caught near the end-zone, a short run for 6pts to the Jets, followed by the completed conversion.

The Lions special team takes to the field, #13Evans fields the kick-off in the end-zone. Blocking up field giving him time and space; he then returned the ball the full length of the field for a touchdown.

The game ended a few plays later with no further score.
The Lions running out worthy winners 66 – 16.

Congratulations to the Lions on a well-deserved victory. Everyone played the part in a difficult game. The score does not reflect how hard the entire team and coaching staff have worked.

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