Lions Support NFL Team Events

Lions Support NFL Team Events

Fresh from their game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Atlanta Falcons flew straight into London to run an NFL Play 60 event just outside London, with help from the Birmingham Lions. One hundred youngsters from local schools joined up at Bushey Meads Primary School to take part in the hour session.

The Lions players helped NFL and Falcons staff to set up the drills and entertained the kids before starting the event. Once the Falcons players had arrived, to great fanfare, the students rotated around the field, learning about the different positions and some of the fundamentals that each requires.

Both Falcons and Lions players alike really enjoyed working with the children, including Lions president Mason Baptiste, “The kids loved it! They were mainly in awe of the size of the guys but you could see in their faces they were having a great time.”

All the Birmingham Lions players jumped at the chance to be able to assist in running the NFL Play 60 event, especially as it gave them the chance to meet the Falcons. A-Jay Crabbe said, “Being able to coach alongside the Falcons was fantastic, an experience that any fan could only dream of. The class of the Falcons to commit their time to coaching and interacting with the British audience speak volumes about why they are so successful and highly regarded. There aren’t many days in your life like today.”

After a tiring hour for the sleep-deprived Falcons, they departed to the team hotel to get some much needed rest ahead of the International Series game against the Detroit Lions.
Check out a video of the events here and here

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