Lions Support Raiders Play 60 Event

Lions Support Raiders Play 60 Event

Representatives from the Lions and the Stingers showcase their skills

Four members of the Birmingham Lions university team were on hand to help run an NFL Play 60 event with members of the Oakland Raiders team and children from Uxendon Manor Primary School.

A-Jay Crabbe, Sam Marshall, Mason Baptiste and Maxwell Petitjean helped to co-ordinate a number of different exercises for the kids which included flag football, teaching them how to throw the football and shuttle running.

The Lions quartet also got to meet star NFL players including Justin Tuck, Darren McFadden and Khalil Mack, chat to NFL legend Terrell Davis and even received an impromptu coaching session from former NFL defensive end Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.

Surrey Stingers players Will Anderson, Joe Chilvers, Max Sadlers and Max Schmidt also helped to inspire the children on the day.

Birmingham’s Mason Baptiste was effusive in his praise for the attitude of the Raiders players. He said: “This is why I’m so lucky to have been able to go to university and play a new sport. You would never get this sort of opportunity with soccer players. I’ve met a few soccer players and they haven’t been anywhere near as nice as the players that were here today, they were all fantastic and great at working with the kids.”

Maxwell Petitjean echoed Baptistes’ sentiments: “As fun as it was to meet current and future Hall of Famers, what was most impressive was seeing the kids join in because it was the NFL players showing them how to do it. Even the cheerleaders were showing them how to do it! Everyone was getting involved.”

Lions defensive back A-Jay Crabbe was able to see that the players were enjoying themselves as well. He recounted a story of the antics of Justin Tuck and Khalil Mack: “I was very lucky, I had four Raiders guys playing flag with us. Justin Tuck was ruling it with his blue team and getting them to run down the field and do the right things. In response Khalil Mack, who was on the other team, starting taking the flags off his own players and stuffing them in his pocket so they couldn’t be tackled!”

Sam Marshall was delighted to meet Terrell Davis: “I loved meeting Terrell Davis, I didn’t expect that at all and I was really impressed by the number of Raiders players who showed up.”

Davis himself enjoyed observing the community day: “Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to football and it is great to see these kids getting their first taster today. I’m interested in the growth of the game internationally and it is great to see these types of events being held and being enjoyed by both players and kids.”

The community day was the first of a number of events which will take place this week, including practices and press conferences from both Oakland and Miami, the NFL takeover of Regent Street in London and the fixture between the Raiders and Dolphins.



This article was originally posted on the British American Football website.

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